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H5 Series

The latest generation of solar tracking controllers.

The innovative Zigbee asymmetrical proprietary comms protocol along with latest hardware technology and wide solar tracking software knowledge to achieve maximum reliability and profit in plant operation.

  • Designed to minimize LCOE
  • Fast commissioning process by rugged handy terminal
  • TCU is compliant with international standards
  • Full warranty policy
  • Same footprint
  • Multiple power supply options:
    • GP: Grid-Powered
    • SP: Self-Powered from own PV panel with battery
    • ST: PV String-Powered
    • SB: PV String-Powered with battery
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H5NS Series

The key complement to complete the tracker control infrastructure.

Enables the entire Turn ecosystem to operate synchronized like an orchestra and achieve over 99% tracking uptime.

  • Zigbee asymmetric communications protocol that is the key to system reliability and performance of the whole Turn system
  • 3D backtracking algorithm
  • Fast and simple commissioning process by user friendly software tool
  • Multiple sensor inputs: Anemometer, snow, hail, flood, and irradiance sensor
  • Advanced wind management to increase tracking uptime
  • Possibility of customizing customer-specific algorithms
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Commitment and advanced knowledge

Comprehensive services throughout the solar plant lifespan.

Take advantage of our services for preventive and corrective maintenance of the Turn ecosystem. Proximity to the customer in technical assistance is one of our fundamental added values.

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Advanced tools

for operation and
maintenance of the Turn ecosystem

Advanced commissioning and parametrization tools for TCU and NCU


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As a global solar tracker controller company, we have more than 2 GW of projects either operating or under construction on every major continent. We have supplied tracker controllers for projects around the world, from Europe to Africa and from the Americas to Australia and beyond.


Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, India, China, Sri Lanka, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Honduras, Panama, Mexico, the United States and Canada.

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TurnSDC is the line of solutions for the solar area of Sistemas Digitales de Control,

A company specialized in automation with more than 30 years of experience in the design of automatic control systems for the industrial and renewable energy sectors.